Is Travel Hacking in India Possible

The short answer to this is “Yes”. The long winded answer is that it takes a bit more effort that it would do overseas, particular the US – which is perhaps the mecca for Travel Hackers. Don’t despair though- if you are will be a bit crazy, patient and focussed, it is imminently doable. Ofcourse depending on your current earning and spends , the results will be vastly different for different people, but it is possible to extract a lot of value for your money. At the very heart of it – the strategy is simple. It involves making the […]

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How to earn a 5 nights stay at Marriott for Rs 1180 only

My idea of a vacation includes not just scenic locations but also the best hotels that my pocket can afford. Oh yes – I don’t like paying for the exorbitant rack rates though. Is there a way to have my cake and eat it too. I found out that there is, providing I was willing to act a bit crazy. Don’t you want to make your hard earned money sweat as hard as you do during your workouts? Wouldn’t you enjoy the feeling of extracting the most bang for your buck? If you do and are cool enough to act […]

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Travel Hacking in India

Gateway of India

Is Travel Hacking possible in India? This question came to my mind a few years ago when I saw an online video of a guy flaunting what seemed like a bunch of 50 credit cards and mentioning that all he did was travel all over the world for free. Who doesn’t want to travel without burning a hole in one’s pocket. That video immediately got me interested in this subject and since then I’ve spent quite a bit of time to look up at this subject up and close from an Indian perspective. The main myth to be busted is […]

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