Is Travel Hacking in India Possible

The short answer to this is “Yes”.

The long winded answer is that it takes a bit more effort that it would do overseas, particular the US – which is perhaps the mecca for Travel Hackers.

Don’t despair though- if you are will be a bit crazy, patient and focussed, it is imminently doable. Ofcourse depending on your current earning and spends , the results will be vastly different for different people, but it is possible to extract a lot of value for your money.

At the very heart of it – the strategy is simple. It involves making the most of Airline and Hotel loyalty programs to score free travel and stay options to make your travels very instagram worthy.

Airline Loyalty programs in India include JP Miles, Vistara CV points, Air India Skymiles and SpiceJet spicecash points. The important part is you don’t necessarily need to be a frequent flyer to accumulate these reward currencies. There are many other ways to do that.

Credit Cards: Your Travel Hacking LightSaber

The Fulcrum of Travel Hacking is to optimise your usage of the Credit Card ecosystem in your country. Indians are not very well known for their credit usage and this the variety of credit cards available in India are still way behind the US.

However since you have decided to become an educated credit card user, I will share with you the best credit cards that an Indian travel hacker must have in his/her arsenal.

Don’t be afraid of Joining Fees

One important tenet for a travel hacker is not be afraid of joining fees. Credit card companies go out of their way to bring enough value for the joining fees they charge you. Some of the best benefits will come out of the more premium cards which may have some joining fees.

Let me outline some very basic one time strategy that can get you a deep discounted flight ticket in no time.

Just applying for any of the following cards gives you a free Vistara airline ticket

  1. Axis Vistara card: It has a joining fee of INR 1,500 and gives you a one way complimentary economy ticket.
  2. Axis Vistara Signature Card: This has a joining fee of INR 3,500 and gives you a complimentary premium economy ticket.
  3. Axis Vistara Infinite Card: At INR 10,000 in joining fees, this is the top end card and gives you one complimentary business class ticket.

There are a whole bunch of other benefits these cards provide which we can discuss in future posts. But just with that complimentary ticket, you can derive a discount hanging from 20-50%.

Premium economy tickets can range from 4k to 10k depending on the sector, so the joining fee should not be a problem.

In future posts, we will discover many more ideas and this was just to give you an idea about travel hacking possibilities in India.

In my previous post I wrote about How to earn 5 nights stay at a Marriott for Rs. 1180 only. Check it out.

Is Travel Hacking in India possible? You bet it surely is.

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